Colossians 3:1-2 If then you have been raised with Christ, seek the things that are above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God. Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth.

To borrow the line from the Joker in Batman, sometimes I want to look at other Christians and ask, “Why So Serious?”

This post will surely get into some touchy water and may even aggravate some folks and that is okay. I think our Christianity and Jesus and the Bible are all things that should be taken very seriously and handled with great care. That being said, the one thing we should not take too seriously is ourselves and our opinions when they are just that – our opinions.

I have my own opinion about things, and they are all well and good but just because someone has a different opinion does not mean I should stop loving them or tell them their opinion is wrong. It is different, that is all. I have seen Christians argue their opinions with the world and even with other Christians and it is frustrating when the world sees this. Younger generations want nothing to do with a church full of folks who take themselves too seriously.

As my pastor recently said we should major on the majors and not the minors. Too many Christians today are so busy majoring on the minor details that they are missing the bigger picture and missing opportunities to love on each other as God commanded.

As we enter the fall season, we have numerous occasions for Christians to take themselves a little too serious. Recently I was part of a conversation online with over 100 comments on whether or not Christians should celebrate Halloween. Personally, I don’t have the answer to that question for everyone else, but I know how I feel and what my family will do. Now, for everyone else that is up to their personal feelings and convictions.

It is not my job or duty to put MY convictions onto others. This is where we fall prey to the traps of this world. We think we are defending God when we take a stand and tell everyone how evil Halloween is and how they are worshiping the devil if they participate and anyone who knocks on my door is getting a tract or I am not even answering the door. That is great if that is your conviction but what have you done by telling others they must follow your convictions other than push them away?

Halloween is a small fry in a larger basket though when it comes to Christians taking holidays too seriously. Walk into a department store this Christmas and just watch as an employee gives them a warm “Happy Holidays” greeting. Even worse, let their Starbucks Christmas cup not have Jesus on it. Christians once again think they are defending God when they get offended over the words Happy Holidays or what is or is not on a cup. We want to force these stores to celebrate our Christmas but instead of sharing LOVE we are taking to Social Media and other outlets to say we should protest these stores or boycott them until they say Merry Christmas.

Last time I checked, Christmas was a holiday and was included in Happy Holidays, why should I or any other Christian become offended because a public store chose an all-inclusive greeting. Are they supposed to offend others on our behalf? I am not sure that is the best way for us to reach a lost world.

This issue of seriousness is not just outside the church, it goes on inside the services as well. We get tied to the wrong traditions and treat them like they are sacred when in reality they are not. Things we should be taking serious inside and outside the church are The Gospel of Jesus Christ and Bringing Others to Know Him.

We should not be arguing over what songs were song or what the preacher wore or the visitor who sat in our seat. If singing an upbeat song or a contemporary song would open your doors to new visitors, then why oppose it unless the songs are not in line with the Gospel Truth. If your preacher likes wearing a tie that is great but what if losing the tie connects him to the visitors who are coming in who may not own a tie?

We as Christians have to stop majoring on the minors and attaching our feelings to issues that do not matter. We have to major on the major and that is Jesus Christ. If we are too busy being offended or arguing over the minor details, then we will continue to miss our opportunities to bring others to Christ. The lost world will continue to see the infighting and the nature of our behavior and want nothing to do with us. It is not the message that is keeping them from church it is the actions they see in our lives every day.

Lord, I pray to you now to help me overcome any personal issues I have that may distract others from you. I pray that I can begin to focus on You and bringing others into fellowship with You. If there is any part of my life that is a hindrance to Your Gospel then I pray that you remove it from me.