Are you worthy to be followed? I have written in previous’ post and will highlight again here:

The point of this blog is not to encourage or endorse Christians not attending worship services.  It is quite the opposite.  I am encouraging Christians to share their faith with the world through action and obedience to God’s Word.  In my opinion, regular attendance at a worship service is a key part in growing as a Christian in a way that will prepare you for engaging the world with the Love of Christ. 

Hebrews tells us to continue meeting together and even tells us why.  (Encouragement)

That is great and I love that the writer put emphasis on gathering together but I want to consider something else here.

You know who the writer was not talking to?  Non-believers, that is who.  This is not one of those bible verses we can use when talking to a non-believer and say well you should come to church, because the bible says so.  No, they should come to church because they see something different about your life and want what you have.  It seems that as time goes on the more watered-down churches make the gospel to make non-believers feel more welcomed.  I see this on the contrary, we should never water down the gospel for anyone’s sake.  The world does not think like we think, the world does not act like we act, the world is not like we are; plain and simple.  

Two Important Notes

1.  We must stop expecting a lost world to live according to our standards without first accepting Christ. 

2.  We must also stop catering our services to those who have not accepted Christ. 

If you are living in sin, then attending a worship service should make you uncomfortable.  Heck, I have been a Christian since I was 8 and I still feel convicted when the preacher is preaching the Word of God.  You know why?  It is because I am a sinner. 

It is not your preachers’ job to bring the lost to salvation on Sunday mornings.  At least, I hope that is not what your congregation is paying him for.  I hope he is there to lead the flock and to guide the congregation in a biblical direction.   Many times, your preacher will be preaching sermons on Sunday morning designed for those who have already accepted Christ just as Jesus often spoke to his disciples in a manner that was only fit for them since they were already followers. 

For those who were not raised in a home where worship attendance was a regular thing salvation probably did not happen in a pew.  At least, their true introduction to salvation.  Evangelism and witnessing are where the rubber meets the road for the Church.  As I have written we are called to be the SALT, the LIGHT for this world.  Both terms symbolize something that will draw people in but is only effective if it is used properly.  The Church (Body of Believers) is ineffective as disciples when we limit our purpose to Sunday mornings inside a sanctuary.  Even worse, we are ineffective if we convince ourselves that our pastors are the only ones responsible for introducing the lost to Christ. 

You Are Being Watched

Whether we accept our role or not does not matter.  The world is watching and basing their opinions of God and the Church on you.  I saw a study once that said that 80% of unchurched people would attend a church service if they were invited by someone they trusted.  Here is the catch; when you are in the break room at work telling obscene jokes and acting like the world then don’t be surprised when your co-workers don’t take you seriously when you invite them to church. 

As a Christian, if you are going to convince the world to follow you to Christ, then you must be living a life that is worthy of being followed. 

In order to be the church Church as I believe we are called to be then we must engage the world with the Love of Christ, and we must do it in a way that is both honoring to God and worthy of His glory. 

I am not foolish enough to think we can live perfect lives, but we can live honest lives.  That is what the world will see.  They will see us stumble, but how we react when we stumble will be the difference maker.  When you stumble, do you stay in the pit, or do you rise and learn from your mistake?