After finishing the last blog, I woke up this morning and had some other thoughts. 

  •  Who do you follow on Social Media and Why? (This will probably be Part 3)
  • Part of becoming a Christian is a public profession of faith – (Romans 10:9) – If you are telling the world that you are a Christian you are basically saying “FOLLOW ME to Christ”.  The Bible tells us that you are either for God or against God.  You do not get a choice on whether someone follows you.  So, if you examine your life, would you say that you are leading people to Christ or away from Him.  I believe that part of a person’s profession of faith is the way they live their life.  That is how we speak to the world, through our actions. 

In an earlier post (The Branches) I wrote about being known by our fruit.  What if, when we get to Heaven, we are judged on where we led others?  I cringe at that thought because I have not always lived a life worthy to be followed.  I stumble daily and fail miserably, but there are times in my life I am absolutely ashamed of how I have led others. 

Time for some open and honest reflection:

A walk not worthy

December 12th, 2001.  That date stands out to me and probably always will.  That was the date that I arrived in Korea.  At 21 years old I had never been outside of the United States.  I had been in the Army for almost 3 years at this point.  When I arrived in Korea, I did not know anyone or anything.   I got to my unit right before Christmas and things quickly started to turn. 

At some point, early on I realized that I found acceptance and “friendship” with the “cool” crowd by doing the things they were doing and acting like them.  (Remember the Sheep blog?  I was being a Sheep but not in a good way).  In Korea, most Soldiers were on a 1-year tour so there was weekly turn over of guys leaving and new guys coming in.  After about 6 months I realized that I was no longer following anyone. I had become the guy that others were following.  Unfortunately, they were following me to the bar and not to the church. 

Do you want to know what really stings?  They all knew that I was a Christian.  Why did they not follow me to church?  Simple, I did not take my own faith serious enough to follow it.  I was living a life that was worthy of being followed to the wrong places for the wrong reasons, but I was not living a life that was worthy of being followed to God. 

Looking Back

Often I find myself looking back on that time in my life and thinking about what I could have done differently and whether it would have made a difference.  I believe that if even one person would have followed me to Christ then it would have been worthy of celebration and worth living a life worthy to be followed.  While I don’t know what Heaven and standing before judgment hold. I pray daily that those who followed me the wrong direction had someone or something else somewhere in their life leading them to Christ because I failed them. 

Lessons Learned

What I can say is that I learned from this time in my life. I learned that when I get to heaven I want to know that my life was worthy of being followed and that as often as I could, I led others towards Christ instead of away from Him.