Moving Forward

As I move forward with the blog, I want to focus my thoughts more on Scripture and more on my personal walk with God.  I hope to seek effective change in myself through self-reflection and an honest look at my walk with God. Instead of focusing on what others can do better, I am going to focus on what Scott can do better and if that helps others then even better.   So, get on in and buckle up.  It’s time for some brutal honesty and some real self-assessment. 

Even as I took time to think about the thoughts below that I had written my mind kept trying to shift back to the thoughts of convincing others of what they need to do.  As someone recently reminded me, I have a faith that allows me to tell the devil to get behind me.  So, even though my own mind may try to work against me, I will stand strong and say, “Get Behind Me”.  Today is a new day and I will use it to glorify the Lord and to seek Him.  He woke me up today so I ask forgiveness for all the times I messed up yesterday and the days before and seek to do better today with the Lord’s help. 

A Day of Change

Yesterday, I was very fortunate to hear two amazing sermons by my awesome pastor.  Both left me feeling recharged and refreshed.  Both also left me feeling like there was so much more I could be doing to further the Kingdom of God. 

Instead of focusing on what other people have, or what are other people are doing I need to focus on where I am and where I have been.  It is amazing to sit and think about how God has blessed me.  It is humbling to think of everything I have been through and where I am and everything God has given to me that I did not and do not deserve.  Yet, I still sit here and have the nerve to desire more. 

Getting Real

Let’s start with some real truth.  I might be one of the least qualified people to write a blog about Christianity and walking with God.  I fail daily.  I struggle with jealousy and contentment.  I see what others have and ask, why not me?  There are times in my life where I think the answer is more.  More stuff, more money, more things, MORE.  Since I started the blog my thoughts have been about more; more readers, more clicks, more followers, MORE.  The only thing I really need is More Jesus. 

It Does Not Matter

It does not matter who reads the blog or how many people read it.  What is important is that I felt led to write it and I do.  God will take care of the rest. 

It does not matter how many kids are in Children’s Church, it just matters that I am present as God has called me to be.  What matters is that I am living a life that is worthy of God’s calling to put me in that place of leadership, whether it be for 1 kid or 25. 

It does not matter if I think someone got blessed more than they should have or if I feel like I should have gotten more than I did.  What is important is that God has blessed me beyond measure in my 39 years and is continuing to do so each and every day in spite of my best efforts. 

One Truth, One Way

John 14:6 – Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.  No one can come to the Father except through me.”


One thing that I am guilty of is that when writing my blog, I will have the point I want to make, and I don’t always support it with Scripture.  Sometimes I am so afraid of starting with Scripture because I am afraid of people being turned off by it.  Well, from now on I will strive to have a Scripture focus for each blog.  If that turns people away, then so be it.  I cannot make you read this.   I can only write this, and if I am going to write about me, then I have to write about Scripture because that is one area, I have to be better at. 

The amazing thing here is that Jesus puts it all on the line and lays it out for us here.  If we want a relationship with the Father, then we have to go through Jesus.  We have to have a relationship with Jesus and that is a personal relationship.  There is no church, preacher, teacher, celebrity, bible study, school, or anything that can replace a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Lifting Yourself By Putting Others Down

I have a tendency to pick on “celebrity” pastors and often times will do so in a way that will allow me to feel like I am somehow more righteous than them.  The truth is that I do not know them or their hearts.  The truth is that they are just as able to be used by God as I am.  I will oftentimes, highlight the fact that they wear expensive clothes or preach comfy sermons, or maybe they could be doing more to help others with the blessings that they have.  You wanna know the real truth?  I have no idea how much they are giving back, that is not my business and I need to stop concerning myself with it.  What matters is that they are putting God in the public eye and leading others to Christ. 

Now, if I feel like there is an issue with what they are preaching or teaching and that it does not line up with the Gospel, then I may point that out, but none of that other stuff matters.  The truth is, that I suffer from a sin called jealousy.  Somehow, I think that because I am living a morally “good” life and that I am doing what God has called me to do then I am entitled to the greatest blessing basket that there is. 

Knowing Your Place

In reality, I am not better than anyone else and it is not up to me how God chooses to bless me.  He is God and He has His reasons and that should be good enough for me.  I have so much to be thankful for, and to constantly be looking at others and coveting (yep, that one) what they have, I am basically looking at God and saying what He has blessed me with is not good enough.   Man, I just wrote that and had to take a moment.  When we covet what others have, we are telling God that His blessings are not good enough.  The truth is, that my issue is not with the “celebrity” pastors, the real issue is with me. 

Closing Prayer

Father, I am so sorry that I have ever taken you for granted.  I am sorry that I have ever looked at others and asked why not me.  Lord, I know that your ways are better than mine and that more than anything you are looking out for me.  I love you God, and I seek to be comforted by the blessings I have and not undone by the things I don’t.  – Amen.

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