Some times we spend so much time and effort in search of the things that are right in front of our faces. The thing is that we don’t know what we are looking for and we do not realize that we may be staring right at our Blessings in Disguise.

A Hidden Gem

Have I told you lately that I married up?  If not, then let me take a moment to tell you that in no uncertain terms I MARRIED UP.  My wife is truly a blessing in disguise. Sometimes she does or says things that make me realized what a blessing she is.  Last week, we had the opportunity to sponsor a child on a local angel tree.  After taking an afternoon to gift shop for our sponsored child my wife came home and was so excited.  She told me that while she was shopping, she realized that sponsoring this kid was not about how God would bless us for doing it, but it was an act of obedience to God for what He had already done for us.  The real blessing was that God would choose us to share His love and that He would bless someone else through us.  She said that she originally caught herself thinking that maybe God would bless us for doing this and then she realized that being in this position that allows us to be used by God was the blessing in disguise. 


Many times we think of blessings as the things that God does for us (things we don’t deserve) and we have this concept in our minds that if we do this or that then God will bless us and we use that as our reason for doing those things.  We give to the needy because of how God will take care of us.    We should do for others because God has already blessed us by putting us in the position in which we can help that person.  I like to look at our blessings like a basket.  Once your basket is full then you must start taking some out of it to make room for new blessings.  The best way to do this is to share your blessings with others.  Here is the catch though.  We are already called to do this.  God calls us to help others and prepares our lives so that we could do this. 

Anticipating What We Already Have

We must shift our mindset and stop thinking that God will bless us for what we do for others.  God has already blessed us and put us in a position that allows us to help others.  The blessing is what God has already done for us and when we are faithful, God is faithful and He will continue to bless us in ways we do not and cannot deserve.    

Will God Bless you for how you treat others?  Yes

Should you help others?  Yes

Should you help others, because of what God will do for you?  This is where it gets tricky for me.  I tend to say NO here.  Let me see if I can explain.    The idea that I should do for others because of what God will do for me is backward.  In my mind, we should do for others because of what God HAS done for us. 

Continued Blessings

Will God continue to bless our lives when we are faithful with what He has given us?  Yes, but that is not the reason we should have for doing good things.  The fact that God will bless us also does not mean that we in some way, shape, form, or fashion have earned those blessings. 

We show our gratitude to God by the way we use His blessings in our lives.  Doing good things for others should be because we are grateful for the mercy that God has shown us.  We do for others because Jesus said: “Love one another as I have loved you”. 

Why We Do What We Do

Doing for others is something that we should be doing because we are thankful and want to share that with others.  If God blesses us further then great, that is an added benefit but it cannot be the reason that we do what we are called to do. 

Love others as I have loved you. 

This was the command that Jesus left with the disciples before he departed from them.  Jesus never loved anyone with the anticipation of what they could give Him in return.  His love was a complete act of service and self-sacrifice.  If we are doing for others with ourselves in mind, then we are missing the point.  We are to love others because of God’s love for us not because we are trying to earn it.  It cannot be earned.  We cannot earn God’s blessings.  That is just the point. 

Having an AHA Moment

There is nothing on Earth we can do to ever earn a single blessing that God has in store for us.  We are born sinners and are not deserving of anything.  So, when we tell ourselves that God will do for us when we do for others then we are in a sense saying that we are entitled to our blessings and that we deserve them because of what we have done.  As I write that I realize it is a tough pill to swallow but one I must digest. 

Not Worthy

Maybe I am the only one, but I know there have been times in my life that I have either said or thought that if I do this then God will bless me for it.  Although He may choose to bless me it will not be because I have earned it or in some way deserve it.  I always must remember that I am a sinner who deserves death and Hell.  God has shown mercy on us by sending His Son to pay that penalty for us so that we may share in eternity with Him.  I don’t deserve it and even if I spent the rest of my life feeding the poor, sheltering the homeless, and being the best person you have ever seen it would not make up for the fact that I am a sinner and in need of God’s Grace.  There is no amount of good deeds that I can ever do that will make me worthy of even one of God’s blessings. 

God might choose to bless me by me finding a million dollar check in the mail tomorrow.  Probably not.  Then again, God may bless me by giving me a healthy body that is able to go to work and make a living for my family and even allow me to work hard enough to make enough so that I can help others along the way as well.  That is the key, how are you using your talents.  Are you just sitting back waiting on a miracle or are you using the tools that God has given you to make a way? 

Removing the Disguise

The blessing is not what God will do but what He has already done.  The blessing is the fact that I am in this position and God is choosing to use me to share His love with others.  What God will do is a blessing but the blessing in this situation is the ability I have to help others not the reward for my obedience. 

When we do for others because we are seeking a reward, even a reward from God, then we are doing it for the wrong reasons.  We should be doing for others not because of what God will do for us but because of what He has done for us

Final Thoughts

When you bless someone else you are sharing God’s blessing with them not yours.  This is important for us to remember.  Blessing others is never supposed to be about us, it is supposed to be about God; plain and simple.