In today’s world talking about DNA and Christianity do not always go hand in hand.  This is not that discussion.  This is a look at what makes us who we are.  The DNA of a Christian is something that I am sure has been looked at time and time again so much of this may not be anything particularly new, but I hope that my take gives you something new to think about.

 What is DNA?

I found this definition online:  DNA is the fundamental and distinctive characteristics or qualities of someone or something, especially when regarded as unchangeable. 

As medical technology increases, we can tell more and more about a person by their DNA.  Currently a DNA test can help doctors determine your risk for certain diseases and even tell if you are predisposed to certain traits. 

After seeing the definition, I used above it made me think – What are the distinctive characteristics or qualities of Christians?

Be Of One Mind

There are multiple times in Scripture in which we are instructed to be of one mind as Christians because we are one body.  In the culture of churches today we have over 200 denominations of Christian churches in the United States.  That does not really seem like “one mind” to me.  I cannot imagine that 200 plus denominations is what Jesus really had in mind when He left the disciples.  With each new denomination comes a new division and moves us a little bit further away from “one mind”. 

When I think about the DNA of a Christian, I think about the things that should set us apart from the world.  The things that we should always be in agreeance on.  There will always be things that we disagree on but when it comes to Christianity there are certain things that should be undeniable. 

I guess you would say that the DNA of a Christian is made up of the non-negotiables of our faith.  The question is what are the non-negotiables? 

Shifting Attitudes

I am not here to discuss which denomination has the best claim to be the oldest or the most rooted in early church tradition.  What I try to concern myself is how we can shift our attitudes and behaviors to more closely mirror those of the early Christian leaders. 

So, what is it that we are made of?


Romans 3:23 – We are ALL Sinners.  This is something that some of us need to be reminded of more than others.  We are cut from the same cloth as everyone else.  “In the image of God, He created them, male and female.”  Shortly after this they broke the one rule they had and just like them we have been breaking His rules ever since.  There is nothing special about us that makes us any better than anyone else.  Being a believer is not a tool that allows us to think we are better than others.  If anything, being a believer should remind us of how much we have failed and need God’s Love. 

So other than being guilty what else do we have in common?  That cannot be it right?  There must be more that keeps us together in “one mind”.  Well, thankfully there is, or at least there should be.  There are a few more things that should be non-negotiables for all Christians. 

The Non-Negotiable









These are the things that should connect us under “one mind”.  We should strive to show these attributes in our lives every day.  It is not a matter of denomination or who sings this song or that song.  Being a Christian is not now, nor has it ever been about a denomination.  Being a Christian is a about displaying these values that should be part of your DNA the moment you recognize and accept that Jesus Christ is your Savior. 

The DNA Of Christ

They say your DNA is what connects you to your parents.  It is what makes you who you are.  The DNA of a Christian is what connects us to the life of Christ.  As Jesus prepared to leave the disciples, He left them with these parting words, “Love one another, as I have loved you.”  This is it, if we look at the life of Christ and look at the traits, He lived by.  Jesus loved without question.  He even loved those who did not follow Him.  He taught His disciples and us that our love should not only exist inside the walls of our temples but that being the church meant that our love had to reach the depths of the world. 

Predictive Traits

If we want to be of one mind as Christians then we should start by demonstrating this traits throughout our lives.  If Christ is truly the center of our lives then we will have no problem doing this because these traits will be part of our DNA just as much as the color of our hair is determined by our DNA. 

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