How in the world are we supposed to witness to others if we are quarantined in our homes?

Times They Are A Changing

So, last Easter I was writing about how we dress and why we focus so much on our Easter clothes.  This year it seems that the vast majority will not be able to participate in a physical worship service within our communities.  Online services will be the norm for Easter this year.  In Tennessee we have just received a 2 week “safer at home” order which in effect takes away any chance we had of getting our church doors open for Easter Sunday. 

Unleashed Potential

In the reality that is facing us today we must remember that our ability to worship God and to serve Him is not confined to a building that we attend once or twice a week if we are lucky.  As sad as I am to not be able to join with my brothers and sisters in Christ to celebrate his death, burial, and resurrection I must realize that I can honor his death and resurrection in the way that I live my life each and every day. 

Normally, this is were I would write about loving others and being a good witness but now it is different.  For most of us our states have shut down non-essential businesses and are encouraging us to stay at home.  Visiting relatives is now on the list of things we should not do.  If you don’t live with them, don’t visit them is the new saying.  So today it hit me, it is awful hard to be a good witness if you don’t have anyone to witness to. 

Breaking New Ground

I mean how are we supposed to witness to folks if we aren’t allowed to be around them?  Looking back as Scripture I don’t really see any times that deal with the entire population being quarantined from each other.  What I did find is this guy named Paul who it is believed wrote 14 books in the New Testament.  At least 4 of these books were writing while Paul was in prison.  Paul was cut off from the body of believers and did not have contact with them directly, but he did have an impact of those who jailed him and those who received his letters.  The letters even continue to have an impact on us today. 

What Would Paul Do?

Paul did not let prison stop him from ministering.  He used the time to his advantage and to further the kingdom of God.  If you are “stuck” at home or have found yourself as your child’s teacher then you can use this time to your advantage as well. 

Making Excuses

For years I have used work as an excuse as to why I don’t spend more time in God’s word.  Well, I guess that excuse is gone.  Most of us have found ourselves with a little bit of extra time on our hands and we get to choose how we use it.  We can spend our time on social media (guilty as charged) or watching tv (guilty again).   I am hoping that I can use this time to focus more on God and spend more time in His word.  I may not be around many people that I can witness to but that does not mean that I can’t use this time to prepare for my next opportunity. 

Inviting God to Your Quarantine Zone

So here are a few tips that may help you focus your time during this current state of “crisis”:

  1.  Spend more time reading God’s Word.  For me, I know that it is time that I spend on social media and watching tv and can be used to focus my attention on God. 
  2. Call someone from your church family and check in on them.
  3. Write a letter to someone.  Many of our churches have elderly members who are in nursing homes or care facilities and are not allowed visitors so these letters may be there connection to the world at this time. 
  4. One thing I noticed in Tennessee’s guidance today is that you can still provide essential care for others.  Contact your church and see if there are any shut in members who need assistance with groceries or anything during this time.  Not only will you get to escape the house, you will get to do something that brings a smile to someone else. 
  5. This one is a bonus:  If you have kids and have become the teacher of the new stay at home school program – let your first action be to reintroduce God into the school system.  Pray before you start the day’s lessons.  Pray for children and pray with your children.  Having your kids at home is a great way to make sure that you are incorporating prayer into their daily lives. 

Make The Best of a Bad Time

All in all, we may be stuck inside and not have a lot of personal contact but that does not mean we can’t use this time to grow closer to God and to prepare ourselves for our next opportunity to witness for Him. 


A Bonus List

Here are a few things I thought of as I was finishing up this blog. These are things that I never needed anyone else to do so it should not matter if I am quarantined or locked in my house I can still do these things. If you want to do something during this time that makes a difference then I would recommend these simple 3 things.

  1. Pray
  2. Read God’s Word
  3. Smile